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Thread: Heiland 8x10 enlarger

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    Heiland 8x10 enlarger

    Saw this on Instagram this morning.

    Don’t know what the price will be yet, though a friend of mine heard a rumor that it will be $24,000, but I don’t know where that comes from.

    Having all movements motorized is pretty cool, I’m thinking of taking some inspiration from that for my own build I’m working on

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    Re: Heiland 8x10 enlarger

    Iím sure this will be excellent. Iíd prefer a 4x5 tabletop version without needless motors and splitgrade nonsense, although I guess that already effectively exists in Kienzleís lineup. However as Iíll never come close to being able to afford a Heiland enlarger Iíll just be quiet now.

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: Heiland 8x10 enlarger

    It's fairly easy to build an enlarger chassis, even an automated one if you search for used industrial accessories. Horizontal units for use on rails are easy to build if one has basic cabinetry skills. But it's also easy to get seriously built vintage enlarger chassis. If you have surplus budget, spending it on a better enlarger head or carrier system makes more sense, though I applaud any outfit forging ahead toward something whole nine yards new. But I think I'm personally done both refurbishing old commercial enlargers and building fully custom ones. Now it's time to enjoy them.

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    Re: Heiland 8x10 enlarger

    That Heiland looks amazing...and I have every bit of confidence that its the cats pajamas! I say this after having not only seen many Heiland/Keinzle products up close - but also as I own a Heiland 5x7 VC LED light source which mates and works perfectly with my Zone VI series 2. This light source continues to perform flawlessly after several years.

    But...when it came time for me to create 40x60 prints - I finally needed to have a horizontal enlarger and, lacking funds...I modified an 8x10 (vertical) enlarger which I'd earlier cobbled together out of plywood and bits from an old Linhof camera (see photo below). Works great with my Heiland 5x7 light source, which can be removed from my Z-6 and installed into the horizontal enlarger in a matter of minutes. Oh...and get a load of the motorized base - salvaged from a 4x5 Beseler enlarger, and "de-sprung:" (not attempting to steal any thunder here, but just supporting Drew's suggestion that "when there is a will (and funds are lacking), there is a way!")

    Click image for larger version. 

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