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Thread: New Computer Time...

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: New Computer Time...

    First computer I ever had was something my dad brought home from some military surplus whatever, so I'd have something to work out my itch to tear apart and dissect gadgets, instead of resorting to those valued items he didn't want me near. Every good computer tech needs a crowbar. Big console with a lot of vacuum tubes. I didn't give a damn what it could or couldn't do. I just wanted to see everything inside. It probably had the computing speed of an abacus made of elbow macaroni, but was the size of a pickup truck.

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    Re: New Computer Time...

    When my $2500 Vaio PictureBook failed I knew it was ready for a tour, we had a great 3 years

    I wanted to find out how delicate it was

    I found out, extracted the hard drive to keep for my eternity

    Sony Vaio Picturebook PCG C1XS - Retro Review
    Tin Can

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