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Thread: Tripod for a folding 8x10

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    Question Tripod for a folding 8x10

    My question is about a good tripod and head for a 8x10" folding large format camera, for the moment I haven't, but I want to spend not more than 1000 (an entry level) for it (without lens), no to a 8x10" with the price of 3000 .
    I will use it in the field.
    In your opinion a tripod Manfrotto 028B and a head Manfrotto 400 or 405 is a good choice ?
    Someone tell me to buy a Gitzo series 5 Systematic in carbon or a Ries (I haven't found Ries in Europe), there is also Berlenbach.
    I prefer not to buy in USA, too expensive = delivery cost + duty + taxes. I don't want spend more than 1000 for a Gitzo in carbon (I found it also in Italy), there are also the tripods Benro C38 or C48 in carbon and price is less than a Gitzo.
    A tripod in carbon is light weight, but there are also some problems with them.

    Other suggestion ?

    Thank you to all

    With best regards


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    Re: Tripod for a folding 8x10

    Look for a used Linhof tripod.

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    Re: Tripod for a folding 8x10

    I use a Leofoto LN324CH
    It’s a carbon fibre tripod from the orient, rated for 20kg and extends enough that I struggle to look at the ground glass.
    I was in my local store asking about the manfrotto 475b, but my sales guy convinced me to have a look at the Leofoto... I bought it then and there for about 450€ and it has immediately become my main tripod.

    For heads I’m using different ones for different cameras.
    For my Deardorff 8x10 I use another Leofoto product : the G2 geared head:

    It’s not the most polyvalent head ; it won’t tilt more than 10 degrees in any direction, but for what I photograph with 8x10 it works fine, and support the weight of the ‘dorff.

    For lighter cameras I use a Manfrotto 410 geared head, or a ball head for my dslr.

    Edit : I bought the tripod from my local shop, but I ordered the head from eBay where it was about half price.
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    Re: Tripod for a folding 8x10

    Don't know if FLM is available in EU

    They are designed in Germany

    I bought their biggest with a 1/2 Ball head and Like!
    Images vastly preferred

    not game trying to


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    Re: Tripod for a folding 8x10

    I bought a used Burlbach years ago. This set of wooden legs has a leveling center column. I have found that mounting my 8x10 Kodak 2D directly to this center column 9 so no ball head) saves weight and still gives as much range of movement as I usually need.
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    Re: Tripod for a folding 8x10

    I also use a Berlebach for my 8x10, 7x17 and 11x14. Great stuff!
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    Tripod for a folding 8x10

    Quote Originally Posted by Philippe Grunchec View Post
    I also use a Berlebach for my 8x10, 7x17 and 11x14. Great stuff!
    Berlebach is also my go-to first choice for my Wista 8x10. For smaller formats, dealers choice!

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    Re: Tripod for a folding 8x10

    Quote Originally Posted by popdoc View Post
    Berlebach is also my go-to first choice for my Wista 8x10. For smaller formats, dealers choice!

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    A Berlebach Report or Uni series tripod? Big difference in size, weight and support!

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    Re: Tripod for a folding 8x10

    This may interest you, I just posted it when I saw this thread: https://www.largeformatphotography.i...98#post1596498

    Admittedly not the best single solution for 8x10.
    My hope is that it will be sufficiently stable - in enough situations and under enough circumstances - to make it a good alternative to lugging around a large and heavy tripod.

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    Re: Tripod for a folding 8x10

    There are lots of past threads on this same topic you might want to peruse. In them, you'll notice my own opinion is that any device atop a tripod constituting a stem, like an elevated center column or ball head stem, is likely to be the weak point in the system, subject to vibration and hence counterproductive, especially for 8x10 cameras, even lightweight ones. Basic torque vector physics, and how big flatbed cameras involve side to side wobble if the support surface area itself is not sufficient. But if you do need something that tilts all direction, half-ball "leveling" devices which securely rest in a scooped out portion of the tripod platform top itself, and can be locked in position there, are more realistic. (No, NOT the kind of thing Lenicolas posted above - that seems utterly unrealistic to me for 8X10 usage, or even my style of 4X5 shooting). I personally prefer no head at all, based on many years of 8x10 shooting in all kinds of terrain.

    I just don't understand the rationale of people who expend the money and effort involved in 8X10 photography and then gamble it all, or compromise it, using unrealistically flimsy support systems. Studio photography can sometimes get away with alternative types of gear due to higher speed flash exposures. But in the field, it's a different story. People try to reduce every tiny bit of weight from their camera, select a toy tripod for sake of portability, and then go put some expensive top-heavy head vibration-prone head in between? Just doesn't make sense. It makes things worse. But I've seen people doing that many times, with predictable frustration.

    Another factor is that 8x10 cameras have a lot of bellows surface to catch the wind, just like a kite. If your tripod itself simply doesn't have enough mass, and everything is top-heavy, it will be difficult to even keep upright during wind gusts. In such cases, use a hook below the tripod head to hang a mesh bag containing extra weight like rocks. But that won't offset the unsuitability of legs that are simply too thin and flexible for this size camera.

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