...or at least contemplating to do so.

I’ d like to print vertical from rolls of paper and have an itch to try printing a life-size full-body portrait. I have a fairly luxurious darkroom sizewise and an enlarger that could do the trick. It’s a durst 138 with a CLS301 head. A CLS1000 would be better, I know but I‘ve got time...

What will I have to do to get there?

- mount rails to the floor for the enlarger‘s rolls to roll on
- mount a plate to the wall that either is magnetic or pulls a vacuum to hold the paper
- get the alignment of the three (rails, plate, enlarger) right
- build a developing tray large enough or try the „rolling“ method.

How would I go about checking if my lenses would work for that?
Any lens recommendations?
Am I missing anything? Stupid idea altogether?
Anyone done this?

Thank you for reading!