Now accepting pre-orders for black glass blanks for wet plate photography, emulsion coating, etc.

I've found a source of thin (1.5mm thick) very black, smooth glass at reasonable cost if I can order in volume. Due to the interest that I've seen, I've decided to stock this through Pictoriographica. The source of the glass has a minimum order requirement, and pre-ordering is the easiest, quickest way for me to get it in.

Pre-Order period ends August 8th. During the second week of August, I will place the order. It will take time for the supplier to make the glass and get it shipped here for distribution, so expect the glass to ship to you roughly 3 months after the order is placed. You've waited this long for stuff like this, right? You can wait a few months longer.

Please pass the word to others who might be interested -- the more who can sign up for pre-orders the better.

The glass blanks will be ordered in the following dimensions:

99.5 x 126 mm (4x5)
126 x 177 mm (5x7)
202 x 253 mm (8x10)
279 x 355 mm (11 x 14) -- This is 1.8mm thick

These dimensions will fit all the corresponding holders out there, from antique holders to Chamonix holders. These are the same dimensions as my dry plates, which I've sold tens of thousands of without any returns for sizing / fit issues. See note below and in the listing about other sizes. Available in packs of 10 as well as larger quantities. See listing on my website (link below) for details.

Other Sizes

If you want sizes other than listed above, place your order for the next size up and include a note for the exact dimensions you require. When the glass arrives, I will cut them to size before I ship to you... same as I do for custom-sized dry plates. For example, if you wanted to order Whole Plate, place your order for 8x10 sheets and include a note that says "Please cut my sheets to Whole Plate Size".

To pre-order 1.5mm thick black SMOOTH glass for wet plate, ambrotypes, etc., please visit the PRE-ORDER page in my online shop and place your pre-order there. Direct link is here: