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Thread: An Un-Announcement of My Carbon Workshop, Yosemite, Oct 2020

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    Re: An Un-Announcement of My Carbon Workshop, Yosemite, Oct 2020

    We are scheduling the workshop for October 2021. Much will depend on our situation with Covid19 and the needs of social distancing. Right now I accept a max of 6 students, that may get reduced to four. The classroom/darkroom/dimroom can handle (at present social distancing guidelines) five masked people without the need of barriers (plex shields, etc).

    Our workshop has two half-days of photographing w/ 8x10s (or smaller if students have one) to produce negatives to print with. One possibility is for Jim and I to split the group into two, and for the first two days students would get 1:2 instruction and would switch between field and dimroom work. Not too bad of a teacher:student ratio.

    But that seems like a long time away -- and I just remembered that the announcement threads are not suppose to be 'bumped' so to I'll sign off.
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    Re: An Un-Announcement of My Carbon Workshop, Yosemite, Oct 2020

    Ohhh ... I was all signed up for that one ... am going to miss it.

    I was having qualms about it but was planning on sucking it up and going ... probably for the best.

    Let me know when you and Jim are getting together and I'll try to make it up ... if there's room for another.

    Just getting ready to pour some tissue this weekend to print next week. We'll see if i make it.

    Jim in Sacramento

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