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Thread: Hello from Bay Area, CA

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: Hello from Bay Area, CA

    Well, Angus mentioned "flatter film plane" of 4x5 versus 8x10. The bigger the film the more the sag if it's pointed somewhat downward, which is a common scenario in tabletop photography. But there are distinct ways to cure that, among the multitude of other relevant topics that can be researched on this forum. But in this case, the elephant in the room is the substantial cost of properly mounting and framing or otherwise displaying big prints at the end, which pretty much dwarfs film expense. Thumbtacks and push pins aren't exactly in style.

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    Re: Hello from Bay Area, CA

    Hi Angus,

    Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

    Yes, color processing is definitely more finicky than b/w. I have done a some a long time ago (80s). I am prepared to learn more and will start by processing 5x4 to 'practice'. I am planning on starting with daylight processing using either a Patterson or Jobo drum.

    Scanning: I am looking at an Epson V7 or V8. They are very similar in terms of output but the v8 uses Leds, runs faster and has updated Silverfast software. I own an older Epson 4870 and have done some scanning with decent results but realize it is not up to the task.

    Yes, the Fuji looks and is amazing and get's me 3/4 of the way there at 39x30 inches or so. I also think even-though digital has made incredible strides it does not reach the LF 'film look'. The sensor size along with the micron size adds up to medium format but not large format. That is in part why Phase One backs run around 50k, it would do the trick but I am not willing to sell my house HA, yes, looking forward to seeing the prices drop on medium format digital in the future. In the meantime playing with LF film and these mechanical cameras should be so much fun...I hope. Looking through the ground glass reminds me of being in the darkroom all thee years ago. A little bit magical.

    I am curious about depth of field though. How shallow is it on a 8x10 at a f32 shooting let's say Velvia 50 or Portra 160? I am not worried about light my profoto strobes are plenty.

    4x5 isn’t going to get you very close to the same quality as 8x10 because of a flatter film plane

    I am curious about the above? What do you mean by flatter film plane?


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    Re: Hello from Bay Area, CA

    Thanks Drew!

    Tripod - check ✓

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    Re: Hello from Bay Area, CA

    Hi Atul,

    I looked at the site and it seemed a little inactive? Unless, I missed something? Will keep an eye out though.


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    Re: Hello from Bay Area, CA

    Thanks Drew!

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    Re: Hello from Bay Area, CA

    Your depth of field is dependent on magnification, and only you know what that will be for your images. But, assuming you want 60" prints that can be closely inspected (~1 foot viewing distance), your depth of field with a 300mm lens and a subject distance of 1 meter will be just less than an inch at f/32.

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    Re: Hello from Bay Area, CA

    Hi Drew,

    Ah, I see sagging film plane. That is something I had not considered. Thanks will look for those posts.

    Yes, printing at that scale is expensive. Metal prints run about $500 ea. Hahnemuhle PhotoRag roughly $300 + framing. But they are breathtakingly spectacular when done well!

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    Re: Hello from Bay Area, CA

    Set aside the camera-lens thing for now as there are FAR more important aspects of what you're trying to achieve that needs to be sorted out.

    Go to post# 20

    It is all relative and depends on the specific goals and demands of the image maker. Film does not behave in the same way as digital color imagers due to the way color sensitive layers in film are made and behave. Overall color balance depends on film exposure, color temperature of the light source, type of lighting and a long list of other related factors.

    It would be more productive to discuss your print goals and trying out making a print using your current digital work flow using film as the initial image source. If you could obtain a large image file created from a drum scanner with a excellent film source. Then work with this data base in your current digital work flow system to create a print. That is where an evaluation of film source data base is acceptable to meet your print image goals can begin to be made.

    Alternatively since you're in the SF bay area, can send you one each 4x5 & 8x10 sample color transparencies originally made by and use by Kodak back in the 1990's as sales promo material (they will need to be returned in as delivered condition when done). They can be scanned then worked with in your digital imaging system as a alternative to obtaining a high quality large size digital image file. If this can work for you, send me a PM.

    Do this before considering any view camera purchase.


    Quote Originally Posted by liaroozendaalphotography View Post
    ~this is why no color sheet film for me in recent times. What once was easy to achieve in color transparency or color negative film has become extremely difficult to not possible today.~

    Can you elaborate a little more about your experience?
    Thank you so much!
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    Re: Hello from Bay Area, CA

    Quote Originally Posted by liaroozendaalphotography View Post
    Hi Drew,

    Ah, I see sagging film plane. That is something I had not considered. Thanks will look for those posts.

    Yes, printing at that scale is expensive. Metal prints run about $500 ea. Hahnemuhle PhotoRag roughly $300 + framing. But they are breathtakingly spectacular when done well!
    You might want to make an appointment with Bear Images and take a look at what they can show you in equipment and outputs.

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    Re: Hello from Bay Area, CA

    Hi Lia,

    You are correct, we have not officially met in a while - not officially scheduled the meetups on the Meetup calendar, but I know the LF members have met with each other without scheduling such meetings on the Meetup calendar. I know many group member are active LF photographers. The Coronavirus situation is making it impossible to schedule meetups right now. Hopefully we can start our meetups later this year.

    If I can be of any help, feel free to send me a message or email through this web site or through the Meetup web site, we can exchange phone numbers and talk on the phone.

    // Atul

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