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Thread: Website structure views?

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    Website structure views?

    Hi Folks,

    I primarily uses a large format camera to make landscape images. I'm also lucky enough to travel widely (well, was and hopefully will be in the future) and have a decent catalogue of "travel" and "people" images. I'm increasingly interested in portraiture.

    I used to have a website but it looked cruddy, out-dated and I let it go. I'm keen to set-up a new website and have no desire to make money from it, it's purely to display images. So, a portfolio website if you like.

    What's the view on having different genres on the same website as opposed to focusing on landscapes and then linking to another/other sites for "travel/people" images? I feel the large format photography aspect of the landscapes and the use of film is different enough to warrant it's own site but at the end of the day most viewers won't give two-hoots how an image was taken.

    Opinions welcome


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    Re: Website structure views?

    Well you could test your ideas at a place like facebook. It won’t cost you other than your time and your creativity.

    Then test the waters there and see how it works out.

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    Re: Website structure views?

    I think that since it may be that few people will give a two-hoot ... then your own gut feeling, your own point-of-view will be the most important; that large format warrants its own site.
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    Re: Website structure views?

    You could set up different galleries on the same site.

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    Re: Website structure views?

    Quote Originally Posted by Meekyman View Post
    What's the view on having different genres on the same website as opposed to focusing on landscapes
    It depends on how you are seriosly focused on landscapes.

    Having a site exclusively focused in a particular genre shows a serious Pro or Artistic bet about it, showing the specific work that matters without interferences. A multi-genre site tends to show a more personal approach, explaining how you are.

    A genre dedicated site may focus on the master pieces you have, showing only what's really excellent and what's worth for sure your viewers spend their time viewing it, you throw your prime quality work to them and they judge, no icing on the cake, just the core thing.

    Of course YMMV, only pointing what IMO are the strengths of a genre dedicated site.

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    Re: Website structure views?

    Quote Originally Posted by j.e.simmons View Post
    You could set up different galleries on the same site.

    And you can have pages for personal info, technique, etc. if you like.


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    Re: Website structure views?

    For just a portfolio type site Learn some basic HTML and Bootstrap Javascript or go with a site template/builder though a hosting company like Wix . But if you like writing, or want a plug and play themed solution, a self hosted wordpress blog is about the best solution. With self hosting you also get personal emails which can reduce the amount of spam from GMAIL and other large providers. Plus you can spin up multiple sites if you so desire. Wordpress has a ton of plugins for appearance, galleries, ecommerce, social media expansion, security, spam reduction, backups, and other interesting items.
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    Re: Website structure views?

    I went with the WordPress option. A good balance between features and time investment for my purposes.

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    Re: Website structure views?

    You could try using wordpress because it is quite easy to customize them just drag and drop, there are many tutorials available on youtube I made my blog Gameive the same way.
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    Re: Website structure views?

    Wix lets you create websites very easily and you can change the layout in minutes.

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