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Thread: Wet Plate Image Sharing, June 2020

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    Re: Wet Plate Image Sharing, June 2020


    Quote Originally Posted by Monty McCutchen View Post
    10 x 12 Alumitype. Love Wetplate for all its eccentricities. This was the first plate for me that showed how powerful the sensitivity of wet plate characteristics really are. My friend has no freckles visible to the naked eye but wet plate goes through to find them in subsequent layers of her skin. 10 x 12 Canham. 240 Heliar. Exposure 11 seconds. Natural light with a homemade tinfoil reflector with olive oil smeared on it to soften it a bit. Work with what you gots.

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    Re: Wet Plate Image Sharing, June 2020

    Wife & I went to Roosevelt NP last weekend. She hasn't been before and it's in an area with little virus activity. We were originally going to go out the west end of our state but that seems to be a real shit show for the past two months. I put a 5x7 back on my K2D so that way I could just use my 5x7 silver tank. It takes up a lot less room in the cooler. As it turned out temperatures were mostly in the upper 60s so I didn't need to worry about heat. I found an interesting formation in the north unit and set up, take a shot. My set up in the back of my car worked very well, and I was able to dial in exposure pretty well on the second shot. I did have a little trouble getting developer evenly on all the plate but otherwise it seemed to come out OK. However, I'm still plagued by blue areas around the edges. I've not been able to figure out what's causing this. I don't know if I'm not developing long enough or if my fixer is getting weak?

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