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Thread: Chromium intensifier vs Silver intensifier

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    Re: Chromium intensifier vs Silver intensifier

    Not long ago I found a filter that prints with even higher contrast than an Ilford #5 or a Rosco 68 - the Rosco 384. The #5 and R68 print with near-identical contrast with my Aristo V54-equipped cold light head, just a slight speed difference, but the R384 is significantly more contrasty; it also needs a much longer exposure. It's not quite like Agfa Brovira #6 (remember that?) but it got me the print I was after when nothing else would, without touching the one negative I have of the scene.

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    Re: Chromium intensifier vs Silver intensifier

    Quote Originally Posted by esearing View Post
    There is also the bleach and redevelop with Pyrocat method for increasing contrast. I would also check your head and its filters to make sure you still get grade 5. I once used a VC head in a shared darkroom that would never print more than grade 3 filters unless I used under the lens filters.

    I've had good luck with bleach/redevelop, but you need a staining developer to get extra contrast (PMK, Pyrocat, etc.).

    It's no use selenium intensifying a negative developed in a staining developer. The intensification removes the stain and you're back to square one. Use bleach/redevelop instead.

    Do check for contrast-killers as suggested above. Make a print in total darkness to eliminate both safelight fog and the Herschel effect.

    FWIW, a Wratten #47B gives me significantly more contrast than 170M on my Chromega heads. If you haven't tried that, do.

    A combination of the above may be needed, e.g., bleach/redevelop and then a #47 filter when printing.



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