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Thread: Advice on a spare-time project? 4x4 back and holders

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    Re: Advice on a spare-time project? 4x4 back and holders

    Quote Originally Posted by David R Munson View Post
    So how about this question as a more specific starting point: do you know of any existing 4x5 holders that are held together with screws (I could also drill out rivets) so that I could take the whole thing apart, cut things down, and put back together?
    The only ones I have seen that comes to mind right now are Linhof holders, both the Auswerfer variation and the normal film ones. I have never taken them apart, so can't tell you whether they fall to pieces when the screws are taken out or if they are just for show.
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    Re: Advice on a spare-time project? 4x4 back and holders

    If you were to go about such a ridiculous pursuit, how would you go about it?
    Wouldn't be the first ridiculous project I started. Problem is always finishing them because at some point I mostly come to the conclusion I bit of more then I can chew.

    I'd say get Alan Greene's "primitive photography" book and adapt the drawings in the book to your liking. The cameras don't have movements other than for focusing. But you'd get a working camera, back, gg etc and can get experience. If you don't need more than simple movements then something like a russian fkd might be an option.

    I would keep 4x5 film and backs, just because the rest of the chain after taking the photo is easier. There are developing tanks, negative holders for the scanner etc. Making the camera is one thing, but I'd rather no go into making development tanks if I can avoid it. Maybe use the 1" strip to note info (number of the back, exposure data, data/time...), like in a data back with 35mm cameras? (now you've given me an idea....)
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    Re: Advice on a spare-time project? 4x4 back and holders

    Ok, so there’s a lot I want to respond to point-by-point. Good ideas are happening and I appreciate all the responses. I’ll follow up in greater detail when I’m not on a moving train.

    Also, as this project eventually gets moving, I'll continue to update here. I'll probably also blog about it and may even make some videos. As I said originally, this is a fun side project for spare time, so it may take a while, but I've been thinking about it for at least two years so it's going to happen.
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    Re: Advice on a spare-time project? 4x4 back and holders

    Make a 4x4 reducing back for your 4x5 camera. Make DS holders using 3M ATG tape.

    See here https://www.largeformatphotography.i...l=1#post576532

    And here https://www.largeformatphotography.i...=1#post1219714

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