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Thread: Effective Drypacks

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    Re: Effective Drypacks

    oil repels water. Spray some WD40 on a rag and wipe an extremely thin layer over any exposed metal as part of your cleaning ritual, maybe a tad more on screws that would tend to rust. However, I pulled an old Besseler MX and its matching table out of a barn here in Georgia that had sat in its plastic cover for 20+ years with minimal rust. Dust is a bigger problem than rust, so get a cover or use an oversized trashbag and leave the bottom open. Maybe even build a 3-piece clamshell box out of cedar and plywood [ I ] that clamps to the base. Cedar cigar box for the lenses.
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    Re: Effective Drypacks

    WD-40 is a junk product. Moisture gets trapped under it. You want a lube called LPS (but not their contact cleaner).

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    Re: Effective Drypacks

    I don't know if Boeshield would work for an enlarger, honestly. I use it for woodworking and metalworking equipment, and it works great. Not cheap, though. You could ask them if T9 would work for your application.

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