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Thread: Gear stolen - Los Angeles

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    Angry Gear stolen - Los Angeles

    (not sure if this is the right forum or not, please move if necessary)

    Sometime last week someone broke into my storage unit, I moved here from Norway recently.

    One of the items the thieves took was a Jobo ATL 1500, serial number 11852. This is a EU 230v version, they didn't take the transformer I had bought to use it here, or the hoses and connectors needed to use it.

    All of my tanks and reels are at home, but the machine has been taken. I'm not sure what other forums or online sales platforms might have it, but wanted to let people here to know about it. They don't come up often on the used market.


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    Re: Gear stolen - Los Angeles

    Sorry to hear about your loss of equipment. What a disappointment.

    Whether or not one has insurance, the sad thing is that film equipment can't always be replaced.

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    Re: Gear stolen - Los Angeles

    Yes too bad, but common senseless thieving exists in many areas

    Obviously not an item that yields quick cash at a Bar

    I had a lot in one of those 3 years ago, stuffed so tight it would have taken a big effort

    I never open the door if anybody can see in, drive around and come back, then keep it shut...
    sin eater

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