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Thread: Tripod Suitable for Linhof 5x7

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    Re: Tripod Suitable for Linhof 5x7

    Quote Originally Posted by ChristopherMarv View Post
    Thanks everyone for responding. I've noticed that the rotating back leaves little room for any clearance. Are you generally able to rotate the back when the camera is mounted on a tripod head? Here is an actual picture of my camera mounted on the dealer's Linhof Tripod head:

    It's hard to say whether the camera back would bump into this head when rotating.

    I have a similar (smaller, judging by the picture) version of the Linhof pan-tilt head. On mine, the attachment screw rides in a channel so you can shift the camera back and forth a bit for a better placement. I'd suggest not buying any more gear before you have the camera actually at hand to measure, get a feel of the weight and size etc.

    Also, you haven't told us anything about how you intend to use the 5x7. For example, if your thing is studio portraits then what you really want is a nice sturdy studio stand. If you work on location but usually near the car and/or have an assistant, a big classic metal or wooden tripod would work nicely. If you want to backpack considerable distances, a modern carbon fiber design might be a better idea.

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    Re: Tripod Suitable for Linhof 5x7

    I was "into" heavy tripods, for example, I had the 475B and carried it all over the place. No question, it's a good tripod and could certainly handle your Linhof.

    But then I purchased a Feisol 3372 carbon fiber tripod and really love it. So much lighter and easier to deal with. It has no problem supporting a 13 lbs 8x10 and is a delight with a 4x5. While beefy, these tripods aren't that expensive. (For example in comparison to a Gitzo, which are through the roof.)

    That said, should I need a taller, heavier tripod, I also own a Gitzo Giant 5, which can extend to several feet.

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    Re: Tripod Suitable for Linhof 5x7

    You might want to look into FLM tripods or perhaps FOBA? Either option not cheap. I have a more reasonably priced Feisol for taller folk (forgot the #) for 7yrs and it supports my 5x7. The camera happens to be one of the lighter ones on the market (so no Linhof).


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    Re: Tripod Suitable for Linhof 5x7

    I use an old Manfrotto (Bogen?) 3221 with a 3047 head for my Tech III 5x7. I think it's just about maxed out with that camera, but I've not had any problems yet.

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    Re: Tripod Suitable for Linhof 5x7

    For a while I had a 5x7 Technika camera and used it with a Ries J-100 tripod (or rather, an older equivalent) and a J-250 head. That was a very solid set-up; going larger or more robust will give you more strength, yes. But it will make for more weight, too. And, believe me, with that tank of a camera you'll be wanting to trim some pounds off of your kit. So, the J-250-2 looks to me like it would be extra cost and extra weight with little real benefit. FWIW, I have used my J-250 for 8x10. While I don't consider it ideal for that, it's a very capable and strong little head. The only drawback that I see for it is that it really needs to be used with a Ries tripod in order to retain the pan function. Not that that's a bad thing, but Ries tripods are heavy and only get heavier the further down the trail you get. As age takes its toll on me, I have a greater appreciation for still life.
    But seriously, a Ries J-series tripod would be great. Also take a look at FLM's offerings. I recently added an FLM tripod to my "collection" of tripods and am very pleased with it.

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