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Thread: Mystery Wollensak Raptar...

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    Re: Mystery Wollensak Raptor...

    No big mystery it seems all Raptar Series II lenses at this point dropped the "Series II" on the cell retaining rim by this time. Your lens matches the 1949 Raptar (Series II) lens pamphlet well. Look here.

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    Re: Mystery Wollensak Raptor...

    Great information! Thanks

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    Re: Mystery Wollensak Raptor...

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    A friend thought that he remembered that a white circled "W" preceded a purple circled "W".
    I can't speak for the purple or white circled W, but sometimes Wollensak but dots on their lens rim. No dot, yellow dot, purple dot ... I had a purple dot 90mm Raptar back in the day that was from the signal corps(?). A friend saw the lens and told me that the dot meant that it was a higher grade coating or something. Over the years I was also told that it was just an advertising gimmick I'd like to think it was a fancy lens ( had a fancy coating ) after all it was for the signal corps. I've never seen another like it in about 30 years.
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