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Thread: Gordon-Tal Large Format Workshop Experience

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    Gordon-Tal Large Format Workshop Experience

    I thought it would be worthwhile to pass on to the forum the experience I had this weekend at the Introduction to Large Format Photography workshop, taught by Michael Gordon and Guy Tal. The workshop took place in the Eastern Sierra Nevada, 15 miles west of Bishop, California.

    Going into the workshop, I understood that the instructors would review large format photography, from soup to nuts. I further expected, and it played out, that of the 7 students, six had a fair amount of experience in either photography generally, as refugees from 35mm and/or medium format. The most telling experience was that of the 7th student, who had never picked up a 4x5 camera before. Would the instructors be able to present the workshop in a manner that was meaningful to all of the students? This issue was of particular concern to me, because the 7th student was my wife.

    For years my wife has tolerated my interest in photography, but has shown no significant interest in making photographs herself. She has owned a 35mm point and shoot, which I purchased for her, and more recently she has used a digital point and shoot. She has used her camera exclusively for snapshots. In the days leading up to the workshop she asked me on a number of occasions, “why did you sign me up for this workshop?” As we drove to Bishop she admitted that she felt quite threatened by the workshop, didn’t know the first thing about a 4x5 camera, or for that matter a light meter, and was prepared to skip out on the workshop if she did not understand what was being taught, or felt as though she was holding up the learning of the other students.

    With this as a backdrop, we met the instructors and other students at their camp (they had all chosen to camp out in a campground, while we stayed in a Bishop hotel). From the start the instructors and other students were very welcoming to my wife, and offered a great deal of encouragement. I vividly recall late in the first morning session seeing my wife practicing loading a sheet film holder, a mental picture which was simply beyond my comprehension before the workshop.

    At the end of the first morning session as we drove to lunch, my wife suggested that although she had doubts as to whether she would ever get the hang of large format, her interest had been sufficiently piqued after the first 4 hours that she wanted to buy either a 35mm SLR film or digital camera. I could go on in great detail about our experiences at the workshop, but at the last session my wife announced to all that she had been converted from a non-photographer, to a large format photographer. It would have been unimaginable for me prior to the workshop to discuss large format cameras, but there we were towards the end of the workshop discussing what would be the best camera for her. In short, the instructors had successfully completed a Herculean task, all the while at no disservice to the other students.

    Over the years I have attend 5 or 6 photography workshops, although this was my first large format workshop. With no disrespect intended to the instructors at the workshops I had previously attended, the tandem of Michael Gordon and Guy Tal were simply the best instructors I have had? I suspect my fellow students (and yes, even my wife) share my sentiments.

    What made Michael and Guy so great was the fact that as accomplished photographers, they were able to communicate the technical side of large format photography in an understandable manner. The teaching style they employed was very different from one another – Guy generally teaching the technical aspects, while Michael would chime in with examples from a less technical perspective. The combination was extremely effective. To have someone walk me through each of the movements of a large format camera was worth considerably more than the price of the workshop.

    Going in to the workshop, I had fairly significant gaps within my knowledge of how to do things, which Guy tended to explain, and Michael tended to show to me. Don’t get me wrong, gaps still exist, but they are considerably smaller because of the workshop, and the hands-on teaching of Michael and Guy. Yes, I will have to practice tilts, swings and shifts, and my use of split grads will have to be refined, but with practice these things now seem possible.

    The Gordon/Tal workshop is appropriate for those of us who consider ourselves beginners, or at an intermediate stage. And the price was extremely reasonable. As part of my journey to immerse myself in large format photography I have read a number of books and have begun the long road of practicing to increase my technical and compositional skills. I think that this workshop speeded up the process for me significantly, because I have had assistance from the instructors in how to perform a number of functions with my camera. I will still need to spend the time honing my skills and burning through a lot of film, and I look forward to doing so, but Michael and Guy have considerably speeded up my learning curve. There is a little light down the tunnel.

    At the end of the workshop Michael and Guy shared some of their work with us. I think the timing of sharing their work was very appropriate, as it gave us all something to aspire to, after they had shared some of the tools for getting there.

    Needless to say, I heartily recommend the Gordon/Tal “Introduction to Large Format Photography” class for all large format photographers who are new, or relatively new, to large format photography.

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    Gordon-Tal Large Format Workshop Experience

    Excellent report, Rick (you write very well); thanks for detailing your weekend.

    Your wife's positive experience is particularly noteworthy, I think, because it seems that in the digital age more than a few people who didn't go through the wet-darkroom-and-medium-format hobbyist-or-student route are at least a little interested in why photographers still bother with the "hassles" of large-format photography.

    Who knows, maybe it's just a matter of time until an entrepreneurial LF photographer/tour organizer connects the dots and we read in the NYTimes travel section about eastern urbanites spending a weekend out west on a LF-inquirers' package trip at some scenic location chasing St. Ansel's tripod holes! I hope the general LF community welcomes curious newcomers as warmly as did Michael and Guy and your fellow workshoppers.

    Thanks again for your report.

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    Gordon-Tal Large Format Workshop Experience

    Where can we get information on upcoming workshops?

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    Gordon-Tal Large Format Workshop Experience

    I found this link on Guy Tal's web page.

    - Dan.

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    Gordon-Tal Large Format Workshop Experience

    Very nice to hear such positive comments as I have hired Michael to come out my way for a one-on-one in both large format photography and printing. I have had the chance to share emails with him and see some of his sample prints. Just from what I have learned already, his knowledge in printing is amazing. I am looking forward to his arrival this month.


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    Gordon-Tal Large Format Workshop Experience

    Rick that is a nice writeup. I couldn't (literally ) have said it better myself. As a past participant of one of their workshops I understand exactly what you mean about their approach. The easy going attitude with excellent experience made for a wonderful time. They made a website especially for the workshops here:

    I was with them in the Grand Staircase Escalante and can definitely recommend that one!

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    Gordon-Tal Large Format Workshop Experience

    THANKS so much for your very kind words, Rick. They mean a lot to us.

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