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Thread: 8X10 Super Chromega F

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    8X10 Super Chromega F

    I came across an 8X10 Super Chromega F for sale for around $500. See attached. Does anyone use this model or have advice on the setup?

    Before I commit and rent a truck to move the beast and set it up I'd like to know if it's worth working with.

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    Re: 8X10 Super Chromega F

    Looks like that is a Saltzman enlarger not an Omega. The Saltzman cagalog is available on line, maybe change the title of the thread to get the Saltzman people to chime in (I suspect they will all tell you to 'get the truck and pick up the enlarger'). The head is Chromega F. If you can't find the Chromega F manual PDF I can sent it.
    $500 is the price of 8x10 enlargers ten years ago. My Durst with Aristo head was $500 in 2008. I'd grab it. If the head works, it alone is worth more then $500. For example I sold just the Aristo 8x10" head from my Durst two years ago for $1000.
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    IGNORE BELOW (Omega F information in error):

    There was a thread quite a while back on the "F." Here are two pictures I grabbed from the thread, as the pictures are likely no longer there.
    I don't know the chap's name, but the images were taken Thursday, December 31, 2009 with Canon EOS 450D.
    The "F" pdf manual is available on line. If you live in USA, this should be a very repairable enlarger for the 'long haul'; mostly mechanical with SAE hardware.

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    Re: 8X10 Super Chromega F

    Get it. Saltzman chassis are made to last for several lifetimes. The Omega Super-Chromega F head is good for the most demanding professional applications; I used a full-Omega version when I worked in a custom lab, and used the heads (mounted on Fotar chassis) for many years at Kodak. 8x10 enlargers, generally, are like bulldozers; big heavy, and meant for serious work.

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    Re: 8X10 Super Chromega F

    Thank you for the info everyone!

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    Re: 8X10 Super Chromega F

    Definately not an Omega, and definitely worth getting. Below is a photo of my Omega F chasis with an Aristo head. The one you're looking at, as IC said, is a Saltzman with a Chromega head. The Saltzmans are beasts and built like a tank. If you have the room, definitely get it, looks pretty complete and make sure you get the other goodies with it.

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out. L

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