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Thread: Zone VI modified spotemetrs

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    Zone VI modified spotemetrs

    Years ago Zone VI studios modified Pentax spotmeters under the direction of Paul Horowitz, so that they 'saw' light the same as film. Although I knew Zone VI wa s bought by Calumet I only recently discovered that they have moved from Vermont to Illinois. I am trying to find out if they still modify spotmeters, although I'm not having much luck. I suspect they don't. Does anyone know? If they don't, has Paul Horowits set up somewhere else? If anyone knows his whereabouts please let me know.


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    Zone VI modified spotemetrs

    The last Calumet catalog I saw (which was probably within the last few months) s till listed the modified meters.

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    Zone VI modified spotemetrs

    Calumet still sells the Zone VI modified Pentax spot meters. I bought a Zone VI digital spot last year.

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    Zone VI modified spotemetrs

    In addition, Zone VI now has a web site, although very limited at this time. ww I have had the Pentax digital, with the modification, for 7 years now. It has pe rformed beautifully, and is exactly the same compared against an analog Pentax t hat a friend of mine sent in to be modified. We tested them against each other, in the same lighting, and thru filters, and they are, at worst, within a 1/3 of a stop of each other, 90% of the time they are exactly the same.

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    Zone VI modified spotemetrs

    I bought a Zone VI modified Pentax digital spot from Calumet last year. Incredib ly accurate!!! Well worth the $500+ you'll pay. I would never part with mine.

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