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Thread: Twenty+ Years of Architecture and Large Format HABS/HAER Photography taught me this:

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    Re: Twenty+ Years of Architecture and Large Format HABS/HAER Photography taught me th

    Thanks for sharing these insights.

    I like the idea of wearing a professional vest. I'm wondering if that might not curb passers by stopping to chat?

    I have both a Lee shade and also a filter holder with the rings, etc. Are the Lee glass filters that you use multi-coated? (I'd heard of Lee resin filters, but not glass.)

    I can see carrying a light-weight white piece of cloth, perhaps even one side white, one side black, for protecting bellows from the sun.

    What's the purpose of hitting a film holder with the brush; is it to dislodge dust? I have a friend who, before each exposure, hits the loaded film-holder on his palm, so that he knows the orientation of the film sheet inside the holder.

    After seeing the well-known photo of Ansel Adams on top of his wood-sided station wagon, I thought about installing a platform. But then, one's limited to locations that can be reached by a vehicle. I finally decided to purchase a reasonably priced, Gitzo Giant Studex 5 and carry a ladder. It'll go as high as I would ever need. (I also have a light-weight ladder that I can carry.)
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