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    In all the photo forums, I don't recall any discussions on boots. Like in the kind you wear. Mighty dadgum important subject for those of us who trudge out with cameras (or chainsaws for that matter). I've been thinking of a new pair of Timberlands, and I've got an old pair already that are still usable. Great boots, but they sure do pack with mud on the soles. Problem is when the mud dries, it shrinks and you've got big clumps of hard clay all over the house. Ive heard about a brand that is just as good and has just as much "4x4 monster truck tread", but don't pack with the big clumps. But otherwise are just as rugged and lasting.
    I've had army boots, but honestly they were foot killers. I'm talking about a medium-top super rugged boot that has some amount of comfort to them. Any ideas? thank you.
    Edit. It's too much to ask for water resistant ones on top of all my other specifications. I can tell you that 2 pairs of socks do indeed get wet in Timberlands. Not sopping wet, but they sure ain't dry.

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    Re: Boots

    Cabela's and hunting shops will have a good slection to choose from that should solve the problem.

    For deep winter I go with the old white military "Bunny Boots" - the air inflated boots that keep feet warm on frozen ice and lakes at 40 below. You may not get that chilly and be happy with regular boots.
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    Re: Boots

    Quote Originally Posted by Willie View Post
    Cabela's and hunting shops will have a good slection to choose from that should solve the problem.
    Agree with the above, also REI will have a good selection (and a 1 year return policy for members). If you want the most stout boot look at . I have had a pair of their standard and it takes about 6 months to break in. Currently I have a very nice pair of Zamberlan mountaneering boots (waterproof, don't cake mud, should last for a long time), and a pair of lighter Asolo hiking boots. I can recommend all of those, and also Merrell has some great ones.

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    Re: Boots

    Anybody still have Greb boots? I still wear a pair of waterproof ones that I bought in the late 60s! They just need a polish to look new again!

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    Re: Boots

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    Re: Boots

    Like the OP, my experience with membrane-lined boots is that they don't perform very well at getting moisture OUT of the boot. Hence the socks come out quite wet. Sopping wet in the summer.

    I, and some others who work(ed) outdoors find (found) that wool socks, even in the summer, perform better at keeping feet comfortable than does cotton, perhaps because feet are a little more cushioned in damp (wet) wool socks than damp or wet cotton socks. Something we talked about during breaks. Also, when a misstep produces 'water over the gunwales' and you have a 'soaker,' pulling off the boot, wringing out the WOOL sock, and re-assembling always worked better for me than did cotton. For years and years. Just my experience.
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    Re: Boots

    Redwing Irish Setters (the real ones) Alico Summits and Sorels handle all my walking around boot requirements. No complaints.
    Irish Setters with the white "prairie" soles won't track in mud----I got a lot of use from them working on our small farm and my bride never complained about me tracking in mud
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    Re: Boots

    I have very painful somewhat deformed feet, but obviously have been a lifelong hiker. Ironically, flat surfaces like roads cause my feet to hurt terribly, while
    rough irregular terrain does not. In the high country I have to avoid walking downhill or level on long sections of unrelieved smooth granite slab, but do OK
    on relatively steep uphill sections. I wear real US mfg Redwing boots for ordinary day use. Only they seem to have the necessary wide sizing and quality. Can't wear ordinary shoes; need constant ample ankle support. For serious hiking or carrying a pack, I wear expensive custom-made Essatto mtn boots with Vibram soles and highly water-resistant quality leather. My wife it a city gal, so tracking mud into this house is a felony, even though the cats stink it up on a regular
    basis. Babysitting one of em right now, who had her leg amputated at UC Davis Vet campus last wk due to a tumor. But she's sound asleep, so think I'll sneak out to the darkroom for a brief film dev session, then do some weeding in the yard this afternoon. Hike tomorrow.... But the first thing I tell a potential backpacking apprentice is - no REI-esque "glorified tennis shoes" or Goretex-topped boots if you want to travel with me in the mtns, esp above timberline.
    Too risky. A few inches of snow and you're stuck and in trouble. Might be fine for our local trails or casual hiking at lower altitudes, but skimping on footwear
    can be downright fatal in serious mtn and desert terrain. Good boots are one of the most important pieces of equipment you can buy!

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    Re: Boots

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew Wiley View Post
    Vibram soles
    I was wondering, did you go with the Kletterlift soles or the softer rubber option? I just put in my order to Alex for Kletterlift's, but there are a lot of walks/wades around here where I could use a bit more "tackiness".

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    Re: Boots

    This depends on what you are using the boots for, and what conditions. I live on the Northern Plains and have three pairs of boots, depending on conditions. When it's pretty cold (-20 to -50F) I wear a pair of Baffin Boots designed for polar expeditions. Extremely warm but difficult to drive in. My standard winter boot is the Danner hunting boot with air bob soles (great traction in snow!) and 400 grams Thinsulate insulation, GoreTex waterproof. Danner is a great boot. My three season boot is Danner Vitals. These are uninsulated and by no stretch are they a winter boot, at least not for temps colder than ~25F. They are VERY lightweight and waterproof. I've hunted pheasants in them all day long and they are extremely light and comfortable. I may be replacing my Danner winter boots as after 18 years they are nearly worn out (sole is coming unglued.) I will probably replace them with a pair of Cabelas winter hunting boots with 800gm Thinsulate, waterproof, and air bob soles (best type for snow.)

    For summer hiking I don't wear boots unless I'm hiking on glaciers
    . I either wear a pair of Merrill trail shoes (heavy, GoreTex) or Merrill lightweight shoes that are like tennis shoes with aggressive soles.

    Another good brand of boot I've had in the past are Rocky boots. A good value.

    Probably the boot I wear most are the Danner winter hunting boots, but I'm more active outdoors in winter than summer.

    Danner Vital (love these!)

    I am an "all around" outdoorsman--hunting, cut fire wood, hiking, etc. I also travel a lot to places like Yellowstone, Jasper Ice Fields, Iceland, Mt. Ranier NP, etc.

    Kent in SD
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