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Thread: Zone VI 8X10 rear standard ridgidity

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    Zone VI 8X10 rear standard ridgidity

    I picked up a really nice Zone VI 8x10 from another forum member a few months ago. Been happy with it, but am noticing that the knobs on either side of the rear standard seem to have some play in them. I've tried positioning a screwdriver against the slotted screw head on the inside of the rear standard to tighten it up. That seems to settle it for a short time, but then things loosen up a little bit. Any thoughts on how to address this, or is there a locking washer of some sort that might make a difference? I want to get serious about working with this camera, but don't want to have to worry about the rear standard moving around on me.



    And yes, I saw the spelling error in the word rigidity in the title AFTER I posted this.

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    Re: Zone VI 8X10 rear standard ridgidity

    Richard Ritter will have the answer.

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    Re: Zone VI 8X10 rear standard ridgidity

    The round spacer between the body of the camera and the arm is the nut. You have to hold that when you tighten down the screw.
    Richard T Ritter

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