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Thread: LF weekend 29th/30 April - West Midlands, UK

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    LF weekend 29th/30 April - West Midlands, UK

    This is a cross forum event and there are 6 or 7 already committed to attending.

    The Saturday will be spent on or around the Severn Valley Railway starting in Kidderminster. There will be some new potential LF users joining us that day and equipment is available for them. There will be darkroom access later in the day.

    Some people are stopping for the weekend and there will be a varied day of shooting locations on the Sunday. Any LF user or potential user is welcome to join us. There is local accommodation available and a communal evening meal planned for the Saturday evening, with a print sharing discussion session after.

    Please PM if interested in joining us, there's already 3 from this Forum.


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    Re: LF weekend 29th/30 April - West Midlands, UK

    Would like to join you but I'm already going to Glencoe, Skye and Uist in April. Definitely next time.

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