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Thread: Cambo SC camera with Fuji 145 film holder?

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    Cambo SC camera with Fuji 145 film holder?

    Hello All,

    New to LF and recently purchased a Cambo SC Camera with revolving film back. I imagine this will work with the Fuji 145 holder, but I don't see how to remove the ground glass to do so? I believe the silver, sliding mechanisms on either side of the spring back should have something to do with this? Yet when I slide them down, they don't seem to release anything ~

    Please tell me what I'm missing here, or if I'm not seeing this correctly.

    Also, I've searched for an online manual for both the camera and revolving film back, and only come up with a website that promises a pdf manual, but then prompts you to download via a third-party service, which seems dubious/risky.

    Sorry for the simple question, and thanks for your help!

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    Re: Cambo SC camera with Fuji 145 film holder?

    There's a manual here: Perfectly safe site, and you can donate if you feel like paying back. This manual is not for the SC, but most instructions are common.


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    Re: Cambo SC camera with Fuji 145 film holder?

    I don't have the Fuji, but the Polaroid 405 holders slide under the ground glass the same as a double sided film holder. There is more tension on the springs. The only problem I've ever had is the spring back grabbing the dark slide and pulling it out of the holder when removing it from the camera.
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