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Thread: Favorite Lenses for shallow DOF (4x5)

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    Re: Favorite Lenses for shallow DOF (4x5)

    Quote Originally Posted by jcoldslabs View Post
    I'm partial to my 6" and 6.5" Cinephor projection Petzvals for 4x5 use, both around f/2.8. One is coated and one isn't. They were dirt cheap, too....
    Indeed! Bought mine for less than $50 and now the decimal place is moving to the right.
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    Re: Favorite Lenses for shallow DOF (4x5)

    Great examples guys. As you know very well, sometimes lenses don't need to be 'fast' to have great bokeh and great separation.

    These shots, for example, aren't super shallow and yet the subject pops right out: with a 150mm Heliar with a 135mm Planar with a 210mm Heliar

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    Re: Favorite Lenses for shallow DOF (4x5)

    The other cheap/easy/cheerful lenses to mess with are old copier lenses... Older ones have a iris & F-stop settings, and are fairly fast (like f4, 4.5, etc.) coated, and FL's usually like 8 1/4", 12", 300mm, etc... And can usually fit on a Speed Graphic easily... (MUCH easier than a Aero Ektar!!!! And won't make your camera cry and moan!!!!)

    Check with your local copier repair place... They should have a bunch of 'em...

    And a Packard shutter can be mounted on front for you other "squeeze box" photographers... (I'm thinking about "The Who" here...)

    Steve K

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    Re: Favorite Lenses for shallow DOF (4x5)

    ilex seminat

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    Re: Favorite Lenses for shallow DOF (4x5)

    A magnifying glass mounted on the front of a shutter with "Tacky Glue" which is easily removed.

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    Re: Favorite Lenses for shallow DOF (4x5)

    Really Jim? In front of any lens?

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    Re: Favorite Lenses for shallow DOF (4x5)

    Shutter, not lens.
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    Re: Favorite Lenses for shallow DOF (4x5)

    Joelk's comment "sometimes lenses don't need to be 'fast' to have great bokeh and great separation" is worth reiterating.... At short distances we all know that we can get seperation quite easily and play with swings and tilts, too....

    Another favourite of mine is e.g. a Komura 152mm/6" f/3.5 which is wonderful (and was very cheap, as I had to re-cement it when I got it). Many projection lenses are interesting to try of course. I also put a TV-Fujinon (145mm f/1.2) into a Speed Graphic carcass, but max focus was about one metre and optical quality wasn't exactly 4x5". So, things can quickly get very "experimental".... "Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you are right."

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    Re: Favorite Lenses for shallow DOF (4x5)

    215mm f4 no name(probably darlot) portrait petzval for closer shots.

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