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Thread: Cambo Wide with Polaroid 405 back Fuji FP-100c

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    Cambo Wide with Polaroid 405 back Fuji FP-100c

    I have a 1980's Cambo Wide 650 that I have been using for many years but only just got a Polaroid 405 back to use with Fuji FP-100c. The Cambo manual says the 405 is a usable back but either it's wrong or I'm just doing something wrong.

    The 405 back fits fine, remove the ground glass, snap on it's a perfect fit. Only thing is the dark-slide is on the left and can't be removed because the Cambo handle is in the way. I could possibly force the DS out by bending over the handle but it would be quite a bend and risk of breaking the DS I doubt I'd get it back in.

    Has anyone here used a circa 1972-1995 Cambo Widw with a Polaroid 405?
    If you have what am I doing wrong, is there was way to use a 405 on a Cambo Wide?


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    Re: Cambo Wide with Polaroid 405 back Fuji FP-100c

    It will work. I have a cambo wide, with a Fuji PA – 145 back, which is the same as the Polaroid 405. You do have to bend the dark slide to get to clear the handle, but it's not a problem. The Darkside is made of spring steel, it is not going to break easily. I have easily bent it 90 in a 2 inch radius to get in and out of the back on different camera I have. Getting it out is the easy part, getting it back requires precision, but it's definitely doable.

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    Re: Cambo Wide with Polaroid 405 back Fuji FP-100c

    OK thanks. The Polaroid 405 back I have has a plastic slide which gives the impression of being brittle which may be just its age. If the Fuji backs have a metal slide maybe I'll try and look for a PA_145 back instead.

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