Oké, so this week I got a Cambo SC 5x7 wich was offered as a 4x5. The set contains a 5x7 back with groundglass, 4x5 back with groundglass, Symmar -s 240 , Symmar 210 and a Super Angulon 65 mm.
Also wide bellows and compendium plus Some 4x5 and 5x7 film holders.

I found that The bellows had several pinholes wich was a good argument to get something down the price :-).

I fixed it with acid free black silicon kit and now the holes are closed but don't know how long this fix will hold. Any better ideas or an address for a bellows replacement somewhere in Europe are welcome.

Anyway, next few days I will make some pictures on paper negative, to get some practice with this for me new type of camera.