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Thread: Open Source 3d Printable Medium Format Pinhole Camera

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    Re: Open Source 3d Printable Medium Format Pinhole Camera

    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Cole View Post
    One could probably design a body and pinhole aperture etc. that accepted and interfaced with a 120 back from some common MF camera. That would make most of the film support and transport mechanism strong, readily available, up to the task and, if the right model were selected, pretty inexpensive.
    The 120 back for the camera has already been printed out and tested when i had access to a 3d printer before i moved. My goal is to design a camera with minimal non printed parts as possible. So far you'll only need 4 non printed parts, 2 springs, the bellows and a remote shutter release cable. But I plan to design one without the need for the shutter release cable so you could make the camera at home without buying anything you couldn't get at a local hardware store.

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    Re: Open Source 3d Printable Medium Format Pinhole Camera

    I'm sorry—WHY is this a good idea?

    Seems to me that medium format pinhole cameras may be made from Ansco/Agfa folders with an aperature plate replacing the glass elements—or use a Holga for the film transport portion.

    And its medium format; whats with THAT?
    Drew Bedo

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    Re: Open Source 3d Printable Medium Format Pinhole Camera

    umm.. sorry, but i got to agree. LF DIY?

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