Large Format Users Directory

Instructions & Guidelines

1. What is the purpose of the directory?
The purpose of this directory is to provide supplementary resource to the existing on-line large format community. By providing a means to locate and communicate with other large format photographers across the United States and in countries around the world, it becomes easier to work with other photographers, meet, plan, and do all sorts of things. As I see it, such a resource could become very valuable, especially in travelling and new restrictions in shipping and airlines.

2. How do I get included in the directory?
First read this entire page for important info on what to include in your email. Then, simply email your listing to me, Tom Westbrook, at

3. What information should I include?
Aside from your name, location & a way for others to contact you (mailing address, phone number, email, or web page), what information you include is up to you.

To save time, I will simply paste the contents of your email into the body of your directory page, so please format your email as you'd like it to appear in your directory page. I'll try to preserve the formatting as closely as I can using basic HTML tags. Images will appear below your text.

Here are some general ideas of useful info:

You can include other information at your discression. After submitted information has been published on the site, please review it in case I made any typos or left anything out. If at any time you want to revise, add, or remove information, just email me with the changes you want made and I'll make the necessary adjustments.

4. How long will it take for my listing to appear in the LFUD?
Normally, I'll have it finished within a week. If you don't see it on the site by then, shoot me another email and I'll check on it