Toyo metal field 5x7

by Q.-Tuan Luong for the Large Format Page

This camera seems to be an earlier model (probably from the 50's) which was a basic 4.75 x 6.5 camera. The camera body is a metallic gray/silver "hammertone" finish. It simply says "Toyo Field". It came with a descriptive leaflet claiming that it is the first metal field camera ever built. Various backs were available and I got one with a 5x7 back, which is rare. The design of the camera is quite classical for a metal field, and is inspired by the graphics. The only geared movement is the front focussing, and there is no calibration scales.

This camera has a number of extremely good features, making it very good for most of landscape photography:

However, there is some shortcomings. The most serious is: Other features which I miss are: The camera uses Graphic lensboard, which is a plus for Graphic camera users, and a minus if you want to share lenses with other cameras. These lensboard are quite cheap, though.

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