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Lenses - vendors information - compiled by Oren Grad


(Current LF and "digital" lenses)


(Current LF lenses)

(Current "digital" lenses)

(Discontinued lenses)

(Schneider Apo-Helvetar for Alpa 12 cameras)


(Current LF lenses)

On this page Kerry Thalmann has kindly provided scans of specification tables from a Fujinon lens brochure dated March 1997. For non-Japanese readers, these are easier to read than the tables on the Fujifilm site in Japan. I have reviewed the Japanese web site today and verified that Kerry's scanned tables are still up-to-date for the current product line.


(Current LF lenses)

This link leads to the Nikkor-W page; there are links to the other lens series on the left side of the page.


(Current LF and "digital" lenses)

No direct link - need to go to Calumet home page and enter "Caltar" into search engine in upper right corner, then click on individual product links. Caltar II-N lenses are Apo-Sironar-Ns and Grandagon-Ns; Caltar II-E lenses are Geronars. Caltar-D (digital) lenses are listed without specifications, but the focal lengths offered appear to match the Schneider Digitars.


(Current LF and "digital" lenses)

Sinaron LF lenses are Apo-Sironar-N, Apo-Sironar-S, Apo-Grandagon, Grandagon-N, Apo-Ronar and Apo-Macro-Sironar lenses made by Rodenstock. By specifications, the Sinaron Digital lenses appear to be a mix of Rodenstock- and Schneider-sourced lenses.


(Current LF lenses)


(Current LF lenses)

Comparing specifications, Osaka lenses appear to be mostly Congo lenses, except for the 150 and 210 6-element lenses. The specifications for these two lenses appear to match those for the corresponding Wistar W lenses, a series offered by Wista only in Japan, and which I've never seen in the US.


(Convertible plasmat)

(120 and 210 compact lenses offered with Flight 4x5 model; minimal info; also made by Congo?)


(Links to pages for both XVa Triple Convertible and PS945 Portrait from home page - scroll down)



Misc services


I cannot list manually every retailer of large format equipment. See the reader contributed list of commercial resources for LF photography. Just a few words about where to shop based on my own experience.