A few Large Format landscape photographs

Photos by QT Luong/terragalleria.com for largeformatphotography.info.

Cathedral Rocks, Yosemite NP
[Detail] [Big]

Sequoias in storm, Kings Canyon NP
[Detail] [Big]

Rododendrons and Redwoods, Redwood NP [Big]
These photographs celebrate the magnificence of nature in all seasons. I have provided images of higher resolution than usual to give a glimpse of the quality which can be achieved with Large Format photography. If you have a large screen, you might like to try the [Big] images. Because even those images don't come remotely close to the actual high-definition of the photographs, I have provided a few selected details so that you can check the resolution for yourself.

The four links below will zoom into the left image:
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Temples of the Sun and Moon, Capitol Reef NP
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Sunrise, Havasu NWR, Nevada
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The exceptional level of image clarity and naturalness of perspective in those photographs is due to my use of a large format camera, in the tradition of the great landscape photographers such as Ansel Adams. There is so much detail that it is like having twenty-five photographs in one ! The image to the right, when enlarged, contains several interesting close-up abstract images.
Autumn reflections, Green Mountains, Vermont [Big]

Cliffs and trees, Yosemite NP
[Detail] [Big]

Delicate Arch, Arches NP
[Detail] [Big]

Sunrise, Bryce Canyon NP
All images are copyright © Q.-T. Luong 1996-1998

Those images are just a few from a large collection of more than 1000 large format images of the US National Parks.