Why move to largeformatphotography.info (lfphoto.info) ?

by Q.-Tuan Luong for largeformatphotography.info, Sept 2003.

Summary: In June 2002, the LF forum was moved to photo.net. As the person who created and helped made this forum a success, I have given my personal perspective on that move. In this document, I will not dwelve on the past, but instead explain why I think that for the best long-term chances of success, the LF Forum should continue on largeformatphotography.info (lfphoto.info). It is my opinion that there is no technical advantage in having the forum at photo.net, as it would work better on largeformatphotography.info. On the other hand, many regular contributors have expressed concerns about intellectual property, commercialization, and the long term future of photo.net. A number of them have withheld or radically reduced their participation on the LF Forum as it was moved to photo.net. Based on the information that I have, I can confirm those concerns. We have now a very real possibility to operate a non-commercial LF site. I strongly suggest that for the benefit of this community as a whole, we all continue our discussions on largeformatphotography.info instead of photo.net.

lfphoto.info works as well as, or better than photo.net

For most people, what really matters is to have a site that works well for posting and reading messages. It is my belief that the Forum on largeformatphotography.info will be a technical improvement on photo.net, because of better functionality, long term stability, performance, ease of search, data integrity, and support.

What can be said for photo.net ?

Staying at photo.net is the conservative solution. I am aware that there is a bit of uncertainty involved in moving to lfphoto.info. However, based on my knowledge of the situation, I think it is well worth taking the risk. The forum is best off at an independent site with people who care about large format photography. The following reasons hold no weight in my opinion:

Issues with photo.net

A number of key contributors to the old LF Forum are conspicuous in their absence on photo.net. It is highly likely that those contributors will participate again on an independent Forum. Some of them have explicitly announced their reticence to posting on photo.net because they prefer not to give a perpetual license to some as-yet unidentified commercial enterprise in the future.


We now have a very real possibility to have a non-commercial LF site with a Forum software which matches or betters the photo.net LF forum. The independent, non-commercial nature should satisfy those who have issues with the commercial nature of photo.net. The renewed community focus on Large Format Photography, integration with other LF resources, and hopefully reuniting of the former community on greenspun.com, should satisfy everyone.