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Thread: Schneideritis

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    Neil, the effect isn't restricted to Schneider. I have a small heap of Boyer Saphir B enlarging lenses, and the outer edges of all of their elements that I can see have a white bubbly effect. I've also seen something similar in a few of my ex-AGI F135 38/4.5 Biogons.



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    I own 9 (nine) Schneider lenses, dating from 1924 to late 1970's. The only lens I have which has significant "Schneideritis" is a 1930's Rodenstock Eurynar...

    I'm far more concerned about Rodenstock's tendency toward balsam failure - which the Eurynar is immune to being uncemented. All three of my Rodenstock enlarging lenses have a little balsam failure at the edges.

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    Just received a statement from Schneider. For the few who prefer to read in english I tried a summarized quick and dirty translation (sorry for my poor english!)

    “…The effect discussed on the internet site mentioned by you is a separation of smallest paint particle at the edges of lenses, which can occur after years of use under certain environmental influences. By the magnifying glass effect of the single lenses these "white points" appear clearly increased. They lie outside the picture-determining path of rays and for this have no influence on the image quality. Our service is able to repaint the affected lenses and would make an offer after sending in the lens…”

    I think it’s a good sign that Schneider is reacting on this discussion. However they neither explicitly rule out this issue for lenses sold today nor do they make any comment on what generations of lenses have been affected.

    original in german: „...bei dem auf der von Ihnen verwiesenen Internetseite diskutierten Effekt handelt es sich um eine Ablösung winzigst kleiner Lackpartikel an den Linsenrändern, die nach Jahren des Gebrauchs unter bestimmten Umwelteinflüssen auftreten kann. Durch den Lupeneffekt der Einzellinsen erscheinen diese "weißen Punkte" deutlich vergrößert. Da diese Lackablösungen an der Linsenrandfläche auftreten und somit außerhalb des bildbestimmenden Strahlengangs liegen haben diese keinen Einfluss auf die Bildqualität. Unser Service ist aber in der Lage entsprechende Einzellinsen neu zu lackieren und unterbreitet Ihnen nach Einsendung des Objektives und Beurteilung des Aufwandes ein Angebot.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Ulrich Eilsberger business unit - photo director product management“

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    Re: Schneideritis

    The white artifacts seem to be where the painted lens mount touches a lens rear surface. It has little or nothing to do with image forming across the whole image.

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    Re: Schneideritis

    I have a Fujinon f/5.6 65mm with very tiny Schneidneritis, a Fujinon f/6.3 250mm with miniscule Schneideritis. My three other Fujinon lenses, are as clean as a whistle. I don't have any issues with any of my lenses.

    My Schneider reprographic lenses from one of my old graphic arts cameras, have Schneideritis on two out of the three lenses on the turret. The Repro lenses were like this when I bought the camera secondhand around 27 years ago, I worried a bit about it, but testing told me there was nothing in it. The Dutch trained reprographic optics expert back then, mentioned that this condition was a known problem with some lenses, there was no answer as to why, just use them they should be alright. I did, they were and still are.

    "Itis" as far as I know, is an addition or ending added to any medical condition name, which indicates it is an irritant.


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    Re: Schneideritis

    The information you shared above is great. I have been reading all the details you described here. In this you described very well. If I want any more guideline I will contact you here

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