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Thread: Help! with Rockland tintype kit

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    Re: Help! with Rockland tintype kit

    I suspect a large part of your problem lies with an overly bright "safe" light. Your safe light shouldn't be over 15w and definitly not a party bulb. I use a Premier 5x7 with a red lens and 15w bulb, minimum of one meter away from my work area, and never had any issues with any materials that are usable under a safe light.
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    Re: Help! with Rockland tintype kit

    near boiling might be overdoing it.

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    Re: Help! with Rockland tintype kit

    My guess is my troubles may have been a "party bulb" too, when I bought my first Wetplate kit from a different source I had fantastic results for well over 50 pictures then all of a sudden, I couldn't get anything to work, everything always looked over exposed with the subject there but barely with the rest of the plate looking exposed to light. Party bulbs that do work must somehow lose their effectiveness over time or don't have it to begin with.

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    Re: Help! with Rockland tintype kit

    I Just used the Rockland Tintype kit with my "new" 130 year old Premo B camera and, well, it worked. I will say you will work for it, and their development times in the instructions are insane, but it's a lot of fun. Did a little write up and video bout it:

    Click image for larger version. 

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