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Thread: Help with calibration solutions for pH Meter

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    Help with calibration solutions for pH Meter

    I have close to zero math,so bear with me.
    I need to prepare acid and base solutions to calibrate the meter.
    I have Sodium Hydroxide (Reagent grade,97%+pure,Mol.wt 40.00),and
    Glacial Acetic acid available.
    How much of each,in ml/grams would I need, made up to 200ml total,to produce
    pH's of 4 and 8 ?

    I have searched elsewhere without success.

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    Re: Help with calibration solutions for pH Meter

    Your first problem is Acetic Acid is weak acid and you can not buffer it with NaOH to a pH of 4. You will need other chemicals to make buffers that will resist pH changes and remain stable. I suggest you try to locate some of the compounds listed in this link: (Preparation of pH buffer solutions);

    It is also possible to buy prepared pH buffer solutions from Carolina Biological;


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