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Thread: Apparent colour distortion in scanned images

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    Apparent colour distortion in scanned images

    Hi, I've just bought an EPSON 4870 scanner and am generally pleased with the results. However, when I compare the scanned images of my studio shots with the contact sheets that I get from the lab, almost invariably there is a colour distortion (normally either an over emphasis on yellow or too high a colour saturation) on the scanned images. The same is not so with photos taken in natural light, where a true reproduction is obtained initially.

    I know there is tone correction and image adjustment possible in the scanner program, but I would like to know if the cause is likely to be that I have configured the system incorrectly, or should I always expect an "untrue" scanned image initially, with studio work? Are there any "blanket" corrections I should make to improve the initial scans?

    Thanks in advance for any help. Richard.

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    Apparent colour distortion in scanned images

    To do color scanning and printing, your monitor needs to be calibrated. Your printer needs to be profiled for every different combination of paper & ink. You can also profile your scanner if you want. You need to view your images under balanced lighting. This is what professional design shops and printing houses have always been doing.

    There is a ton of good information out there, and Photoshop supports all of it. Here is one place I like: ColorVision. Here's another: Chromix.

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