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Thread: shutter for B&L/Zeiss tessar

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    shutter for B&L/Zeiss tessar


    i'll like to be able to a B&L/Zeiss tessar 1C 5x8 f/4.5 with a shutter.
    Is it something that can be done easily?

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    Re: shutter for B&L/Zeiss tessar

    See p. 22 of . The lens was sold in a Volute shutter. Per p. 3 of this they were later sold in Betax shutters.

    If you have the lens, remove the cells from the barrel and measure their diameters. Then go to and look at the specs for Alphax and Betax shutters. It might fit one of them.

    Good luck in finding a shutter. On the whole, you'll probably be better off financially just buying a 210 in shutter.

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    Re: shutter for B&L/Zeiss tessar

    I have the IIc 6.3 lens. What I did was get a Polaroid MP-4 shutter and rear mounted the shutter to the lens with glue. It's ugly as sin but it works a treat. The B&L Tessar 5x8 makes an exquisite normal on 5x7 and an even better portrait lens on 4x5.
    4x5 and a Tessar is heaven
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    Re: shutter for B&L/Zeiss tessar

    All old f/4.5 180mm and up Tessars I have laid hands on were in cells a touch too wide to match any common recent Copal/Compur size. Whether you have the lenses remounted into new cells or have adapter rings cut to fit them into oversize (Compound etc.) shutters, it is not cheap - indeed the offers I received turned out to be considerably more expensive than shutter mounted modern (70s-90s vintage) Xenars. I use mine with before (TP) or behind (Sinar) the lens shutter, or cameras with focal plane shutter...

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