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What a beautiful camera! Mine looks like something the cat dragged in, but the bellows are light tight. My 5x7 2D has brown bellows, my 8x10 has reddish bellows. I guess they are a faded red, but still light tight.
Following these threads on restoring old Kodak 2D cameras has given me impetus to restore one of mine. I have a 5x7 reducing back for my 8x10, so I might attempt the 5x7 first, then do the 8x10. Time will tell. Thanks again for sharing this wonderful camera.
They are really easy to do. Just mark all your parts well because the screws are all different sizes. I photographed every piece as I was taking it apart too. The hardest part for me was cleaning all the sanded dust in my office. I'll never do that again! I don't have any other work area at its been way bellow freezing to want to attempt it outside.

My advice. Use a paint & varnish remover. I couldn't find one. Korea isn't my home country and Korean isn't my native language. I should have asked for help to find some. Don't use the gel stains. Again, I couldn't find any better stains until it was too late. If you have no experience with installing bellows, maybe you want to think about disassembling the camera first and mail your bellows frames to the place where you will buy them so they can install them for you. I would have been using this camera about one month earlier if I had done all of that.

It's a fun project. Not many cameras go up in value. I think this one has.