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Thread: Photos in the forum?

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    Photos in the forum?

    This may have been settled long ago, pardon me if its already been beaten to death. My search found nothing.

    I'm thinking that photos of some things like cameras, lenses, parts, illustrated technical questions etc. would be valuable to have on the LF forum just as they are on the LF Home Page articles.

    Is there any thought about allowing photos to be posted in the LF forum as permanent content?

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    Photos in the forum?

    As long as you have an image host somewhere on the net, you can post photos to the forum. It's not "permanent content," but it also doesn't burden the forum host with storage and bandwidth requirements. To post a photo as an inline image use this format and select "HTML"

    Click on "HTML Quick Reference" for more common HTML tags.

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    Photos in the forum?

    David, I know how to post a link and I have plenty of space to store the image on my website - thanks for offering your help.

    I just had the thought that it might be a handy reference for the future for the information to be permanent on this forum. I have no immediate need but was thinking in terms of an instance where someone built or modified a camera part or made a darkroom tool and wanted to share the idea or information. If it was here as part of the forum it might be useful to see what was being written about instead of finding a dead link to the photo that illustrated the thread five years from now. Making the photo part of the permanent record could be a good idea.

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    Photos in the forum?

    It's something that has crossed my mind, but due to space & bandwidth limitations, it's probably not going to happen anytime soon. The Forum lives on donated server/badwidth space, so allowing image uploads could force us to move somewhere where we'd have to pay for it. Also, we'd have to allow all images that people would post, since I don't think anyone has the time to decide which images might be candidates for permanent storage and which not. I think that if the images are useful enough a new article on the Home page might be all we can do for now. Just my 2¢.

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