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Thread: Bergger film

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    Bergger film

    I hear the bergger film is supposed to behave more like the older films such as Kodak Super XX which I have not used.

    Has anyone tried it with HC110? How does it compare to TRI-X?

    I would love to hear your results.

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    Bergger film

    I tested Bergger in HC-110 and found the results very flat in the midtones, and it required a long time to build up enough density when expanding contrast. If you want to use Bergger, I would try a pyro developer. I use PMK Pyro in kit form from Bostick and Sullivan because it's superconcentrated and keeps well. If you want to use HC-110, I think Tri-X would be the better bet.

    Being a former user of Tri-X and HC-110, I like the Bergger and PMK combination a lot because it has the same midtone glow I got from Tri-X.

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    Bergger film

    Sidney, Why did you switch. I predominately use Tri-X in HC-110, and like it alot. I must say that I'm working through the "old" stuff and haven't tried the new Tri-X. I may have a different opinion then.

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    Bergger film

    I switched from Tri-X to Bergger for two reasons. (1) I was getting into 11x14, and I wanted to use the same film in both 4x5 and 11x14. Kodak is no longer of any help on the 11x14 front. (2) Given that I had to test some new film, either New Tri-X (assuming I wanted to continue using it in 4x5) or something else, I decided to stop worrying about Kodak discontinuing everything and switch proactively. I tested a couple of other things at that time, but I liked Bergger best.

    I have not used any New Tri-X, but I'm sure it's fine if Kodak makes it in the sizes you need.

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    Bergger film

    There's only one way to really tell. Try some. I love the stuff. You can develop it in any standard developer and get great results. Try ID11 (D76) or FG7. PMK will also work very well with it.

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    Bergger film

    The only similarities between Bergger and Super XX films is that they are both true ISO(ASA)=100 films, and both are grainy as hell. Other than that, they don't look anything alike, and the spectral sensitivity is completely different. If you don't want to go to Pyro, the Bergger does right well in XTOL.
    Wilhelm (Sarasota)

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