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I want to thank Nathanael for this description from some years ago, it just helped me repair my Spotmeter V... I too likely would have tried to remove the dial, and never would have guessed that flange around the eyepiece adjuster was a spanner.

My Spotmeter V has been intermittent for some years, and would work if I wiggled the metal base plate (with the battery holder, strap loop, and tripod screw. removing the two screws from the bottom left that metal plate such that it could wiggle some but not come loose. When I finally figured out from the above how to remove the gray cover, I discovered that there is another 'spanner' nut on top of the tripod socket which secures a metal bracket that holds the screw under the serial plate, AND the black ground wire. that spanner was loose on mine. I took the two bottom screws out and tightened that spanner nut as tight as I could by levering on it with a watch screwdriver, voila, my intermittent problems are gone! Restored the cover... with a fresh set of 3 x 357 Silver cells in mine, its within 1/3rd of a stop of my Gossen Luna Pro, and within 1/3rd of a stop of my EOS DSLR (which seems to expose quite accurately) so I'm a happy camper.

sadly, I'm just a MF weenie (pentax 6x7) so I won't be spending any time on this board, I only registered to post these kudos and perhaps a future Spotmatic owner will have a similar loose inside screw issue.
Hi, I recently bought a Spotmeter V, and I have some problems with it, the illuminator light for instance. I already opened the meter, but I was wondering: If I want to remove the bottom plate, how do I do this?You say you need to loosen the spanner above the tripod thread if I'm not mistaken? I can see it, but how to acces this? Remove the large PCB or not?Thanks.