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Thread: Super Angulon 120 vs 121

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    Super Angulon 120 vs 121

    Hi Can anyone tell me the difference between the Schneider Super Angulon 120 and the 121 f/8 lenses (besides the 1 mm). I have checked the spec sheets and been to the Schneider website for info and both are 100 degree lenses and have almost the same angle of view-maybe the main difference is in the shutters they are mounted in? I am courious as to why Schneider had two SA lenses with such close specifications. Also anyone have experience with sharpness comparisons between the two. Have heard that the 120 may not be as sharp? Thanks in advance for any info.



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    Super Angulon 120 vs 121


    I seem to remember that a few of the 121mm f8 lenses for sale on eBay were described as covering 8X10, while the 120mm would not. I don't know if there is any truth to this, but I have seen them listed a couple of times like this. If it DID cover 8x10, my guess is that it would be at f22 or smaller with little to no movements available.

    Hopefully, someone else can answer you more concretely.


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    Super Angulon 120 vs 121

    The SA 121 is the predecessor of the SA 120. I tested both some weeks ago. The 121 had a very poor performance in the corners, the 120 was in all aspects excellent.

    The SA 120 could be a perfect bargain, but be aware that it needs 82mm filters. Buying a new set of filters could become more expensive than the lens itself. Thats why I decided against it and plan to get a Super Symmar 110 (67mm) or Nikkor-SW 120 (77mm) instead.

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    Super Angulon 120 vs 121

    Using this lens, I've gotten some great results. The 121mm was one of Ansel Adams favorite lenses, and he used it on many well-known images. A.A. comments in his books that the 121 will indeed cover 8x10 on-axis. No translational movements.

    As to a difference between the two lenses, the 120mm is multi-coated and the 121 is single-coated.

    I'm interested in Martin's comment. I need to check this out on my lens.

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    Super Angulon 120 vs 121

    As mentioned, the main difference between the two is that all 121mm are single-coated, while most 120mm are multi-coated. I think also there was a design change, as I have heard that the 121mm has a bit more coverage. I have compared results from the two, and have found little difference. Of course, the 121mm usually sells used $200-400 less.

    In terms of sharpness, I have found that both lenses are pretty much equal, sharp enough for a 4x enlargement, but not, in my experience, more. Oddly, my 111mm WA Dagor is noticeably sharper than either of the Super Angulon's I have used.

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    Super Angulon 120 vs 121

    According to info that I have, the 120 is MC, image circle is 288, and has 8 elements in 4 groups. The 121 is SC, image circle is 290, and has 6 elements in 4 groups. It's an older lens. I wouldn't want to use either on an 8X10 which would require an image circle of about 325.


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    Super Angulon 120 vs 121

    Reading all the different opinions one could think Schneider had a serious problem with sample deviation. Never read that divergent opinions about a Symmar or other Schneider lenses. Is this maybe a specific problem with wide angel lenses?

    Neil, I wouldn't worry too much about your SA 121. Probably the answer is simply that you have a good sample and I used a lemon for my test shots.

    Jason, I have a SA 8/90 MC which I believe has the same optical formula as the SA 120. I made prints with a magnification of 10 with tack sharp results. On the light table slides taken with a SA 120 show a similar quality.

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    Super Angulon 120 vs 121

    I have a 121 and think it's a fine lens. I use it for architecture on 4x5 so I've never come close to the limits of coverage. To avoid the huge filters on the front I have a Calumet "Xenophon" on the back and use 3" gels.

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    Super Angulon 120 vs 121

    I have a 121 super angulon and have found that it is a fine lens - very sharp, more movements than I could use on my 5x7 and I have been told that it will cover 10x8. The only drawback is its size - it is a bit of a monster and very heavy. It has a bit of a weird-looking shutter. I think that it is far larger than the 120, but I could be wrong. I think that it has more coverage than the 120, too. Regards, Neil.

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    Super Angulon 120 vs 121

    The 121 and 120 are each 121mm lenses, FAPP the same circle of coverage, same angle, each is a 6,4 lens grouping. The 121 is lighter and smaller. The 120 is multicoated.

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