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Thread: Aperture ring question

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    Aperture ring question

    Hey all, I recently picked up a G Claron and as I was stopping down to f/90 I noticed the ring didn't completely reach the last hash mark where 90 is. Is this a common thing for lenses or something to be concerned about. Heres a picture of it, it looks like it goes all the way to 90 but it doesn't seem to. Anyone know about this?

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    Re: Aperture ring question

    It looks like F/89.5 to me, Noah. If the mechanism is working smooth then I doubt there is any problem there. But I know what you mean -- some shutters will go beyond the last hash mark.

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    Re: Aperture ring question

    at f90 you're exposures aren't going to be affected enough to make a difference. if the iris is all the way open at f9, i wouldn't worry about it.

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