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Thread: Eliot Porter's All Under Heaven

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    Eliot Porter's All Under Heaven

    So I came across a copy of Eliot Porter's All Under Heaven. This is the limited edition cloth bound with gold foil stamp. #68/250. It also includes an 8x10 dye transfer print. The print is printed by a third party not Mr. Porter. Both the book and the print are signed by Porter. It is still in the publishers shipping box. Absolutely new condition. My question is dose anyone know where to look to find what a price should be for this book? Any help would be great.

    Thanks, Rich

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    Re: Eliot Porter's All Under Heaven

    When I grow up, I want to be a photographer.

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    Re: Eliot Porter's All Under Heaven

    The print would be worth more than the book itself - but combined, just depends if there
    is any potential collector interested. This probably doesn't have quite the appeal as when
    China was seldom visited and Porter himself was still considered highly collectable. And it's
    not one of his more classic bodies of work. Still ... you've got an excellent find and will want to keep that print away from heat, light, and humidity. You're going to need to track
    down a rare book dealer, since there is probably little precedent out there for the realistic
    value of this. If the print itself is still in vibrant condition, you might get a thousand for the set. Most of his DT prints were made either by assistants or commercially.

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