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Thread: Wide Angle Lenses For Up to 8x10

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    Wide Angle Lenses For Up to 8x10

    I am thinking for the future I would like to get a wide angle lens to shoot landscapes in particular something that would capture El Capitan and it's reflection on a sheet of 5x7 (also 4x5 & 8x10) for the future as eventually, I'm thinking 8x10 would be the biggest I would want to capture landscapes on. So any recommendations would greatly appreciated! I don't need a expensive lens but something that will last many years with proper care! Thanks I appreciate the info.


    P.S probably something that I can use on my Kodak 5x7 2D

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    Re: Wide Angle Lenses For Up to 8x10


    You know of course if it is wide on 8x10 (e.g. 165mm), then it will be semi-wide on 5x7 and a normal lens on 4x5. I hope this is not a blinding flash of the obvious.

    On 4x5 I use a 90mm f8 S-A, which with a quoted image circle of 216mm should cover your 5x7, although not certain of the diagonal on 5x7

    See: ). These are fairly common and should be available relatively inexpensively.

    for something a little less expensive yet, there is the 120mm 6.8 Angulon rated at 211mm image circle.


    Not familiar with the 120mm version of the Angulon, but owned and used a 90mm version for 4x5 and have a 165mm one for 8x10. Camera better be square, as there is not room for movement.

    Quick hint, the wider you go and the bigger the format, the more $$$ required.

    Hope that helps in getting you thinking about options,


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    Re: Wide Angle Lenses For Up to 8x10

    Try a 159mm Wollensak WA Velostigmat. An economical, small and lightweight alternative that works just fine on a 5x7 and also on 8x10.
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    Re: Wide Angle Lenses For Up to 8x10

    Quote Originally Posted by John Kasaian View Post
    Try a 159mm Wollensak WA Velostigmat. An economical, small and lightweight alternative that works just fine on a 5x7 and also on 8x10.
    I'll second the Wollensak. I've had one of these for several years. The image circle is large enough to give slight movements on 8x10. And the image drops off rapidly, so if you are paying attention to your corners, you'll know when you're pushing the limit. Nice lens on 8x10, and a great lens on 5x7.
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    Re: Wide Angle Lenses For Up to 8x10

    Thanks I appreciate the info it's actually funny I didn't think about the Wollensak but I have the Wollensak Velostigmat 7 1/4" (210mm)? Focus Series IV in a Betax No. 2 Shutter came with the camera! I found a 159 for $275 but it's on Igor camera website but I sent a message to see if its still available but I may have to hold off my sons cell phone was stolen right out of his pocket on his way home from school, so I need to get him another phone more than I need a lens at the moment! The phone company only offered me a discount on a new phone instead of a free phone!

    If I sold my UV unit than I might be able to get both!

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    Re: Wide Angle Lenses For Up to 8x10

    +1 on the 159mm Wollensak for 8 x 10 - great lens.

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    Re: Wide Angle Lenses For Up to 8x10

    For that kind of money you may be able to get a 120mm super angulon through an E-Bay auction. I got one for about $250 not too long ago, it's superb on 5x7 and probably covers 8x10 with little movement.

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    Re: Wide Angle Lenses For Up to 8x10

    Um, how wide is wide for you? Try your current Wollensak first before popping for the 6-1/4". My 6-1/4" (mfg 1935-ish?) is freakin' sharp in the center, but it does lose sharpness on the edges. I was goofing around with it, and at f/45 I could count every blade of grass in the lawn across the street. My avatar comes from a 2mm x 2mm crop from it.
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    Re: Wide Angle Lenses For Up to 8x10

    Two good WA choices for 8x10 are
    Nikkor SW 150/8, IC = 400mm, way more than you would ever need for 8x10
    Rodenstock Apo-Sironar (W) 210/5.6 with an IC of 352mm. I have this lens and it's wonderful.

    For reference, the film diagonals are:
    4x5 = 163mm
    5x7 = 218mm
    8x10 = 325mm
    Note these are the film diagonals, corner to corner, which are larger than the image diagonals.

    - Leigh
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    Re: Wide Angle Lenses For Up to 8x10

    The 159mm Wolly comes in a fast version that just hits the corners on 8x10, and a slow version that gives you some movement. It's not terribly wide as far as I'm concerned, and you'd have to try it to see if it's actually wide enough for you.

    There are no real options in 8x10 that allow for significant movements once you get wider than 150mm (except maybe the uncoated Protars). And, because it's been mentioned above, previous forum wisdom was that the 121mm SA barely covers 8x10, while the 120mm does not.

    A good old thread:

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