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Since we reviving old threads. How does one safely deal with these mounting fluids indoors? My darkroom/scanning system is well ventilated but would the sparks inherent in most electric fans cause a safety hazard?
I think it would have to be some pretty explosive stuff for the fumes to ignite from an electric fan and you'd have to have the atmosphere saturated to the point you'd have a bigger cancer concern than worrying about blowing up. We use this fluid in a great big giant room and when we do use it in our darkroom area, that has an HRV ventilation system and positive air pressure so that room is great. Still though I won't use Kami because it has too much odor. I think there is some link between the amount of odor a solvent has and how toxic it is. I'm not sure of this though. The Sansodor is very low odor and I"m trying out the Gamsol that someone else here mentioned should be given a try. That stuff has almost no smell at all. I don't think I would use kami in a tight space even with okay ventilation.