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Thread: Gitzo 1228 fiber tripod, parts

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    Gitzo 1228 fiber tripod, parts

    Apparently my Gitzo fiber 1228 tripod, which I use with my AS 4x5 on occasion, is no longer in production. Yesterday, I noticed the "hook" at the base of the center column is "missing in action", and I would like to replace it for obvious reasons. There seems to be no "accessory hook" on the Gitzo page. Anyone have suggestions, sources et al???? Thank you Raymond

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    Re: Gitzo 1228 fiber tripod, parts

    Try They are excellent and very prompt. I think the part you want is #G1020 which is different (and better) than the original. Each of their web pages on a particular model shows a detailed breakdown of the 'pod and the associated part number -- really very helpful. I recently replaced the same part on my 1227 and it works a treat.


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