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Thread: Making a book.

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    Making a book.

    I am making a book, or album really, of 50 8x10 Fiber prints from a recent trip. I have the photographs in an oversized album mounted with small clear photo corners. The problem is that the prints (printed of FORTE Museum weight paper) do not bend easily and tend to come out of the photo corners when looking through the book. I want to be able to remove them from the book if need be so glueing is not an option.

    Is there a better way? Do photocorners come in sizes? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Making a book.

    Yes, photocorners come in different sizes ! I get them from a german company Monochrom !

    But those are made in Denemark so maybe Light Impressions might have them too !

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    Making a book.

    why dont you look at those books with acitate pages, they are what most pros use to show work, and they really protect the prints, you can get them made to measure.

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    Making a book.


    there is a company called talus in new york that sells bookbinding / conservation supplies. one of my portfolios is a leather bound book. the pages are acetate and the binding is a post binding so you can add more pages. sells both the posts and the pages, and they will also make the book for you if you want. considering these are images you want to keep ( and show ) it is a small investment to make for your presentation.

    i think there is also a company in nyc called house of portfolios that makes books as well. i haven't used them myself, but i have seen their work - and it is good too

    good luck!

    enjoy your coffee

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    Making a book.

    There are various ways to approach the problem, Sam. Depending on what your objective is with the book/album, you might lean in one direction or another.

    For a book that is going to be handled a lot by potentially careless people, acetate sleeves may be a better option, so the prints will be protected, but can be removed for closer inspection, as needed. For prints of up to 8x10, PrintFile pages are handy for use with 3-ring binders. Other styles are used for more formal portfolios. For a flip-through sort of book, I'd suggest finding pages that are rigid, so the prints aren't flexed in the process. Most of these page styles have longer binder margins, so the pages will lay flat when the book is opened. For some purposes, individually-mounted prints in a presentation box may be a better approach. The choice really depends on what you're doing with the presentation, and who will be looking at it.

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