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Thread: Wooden field cameras always light tight?

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    Re: Film back dark slide leaking

    Quote Originally Posted by jvuokko View Post
    I checked some of those film backs with dark slide pulled out but still attached to the back (like some LF photographers does). It was a surprise to see that hanging dark slide let more light come out from the film back's slot than completely removed dark slide.
    There is a light trap consisting of a spring and some velvet-like material that allows the darkslide to pass but closes behind it when the darkslide is pulled. The spring generally won't wear out but the black material will. I'm not certain of the best replacement but it can be disassembled and the light trap material replaced.

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    Re: Wooden field cameras always light tight?

    My whole plate camera's film holders are from the 1920s. I found that keeping the dark cloth over the back of the camera so that no direct light can strike the holders greatly improved my light leak problems. It's there from the time the holder goes into the back until the darkslide is reinserted. It's a bit of a pain, but worth it. I attach my dark cloth to the front part of the camera back with a couple of binder clips so it doesn't slide off.

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