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Thread: Zone VI Enlarger question - lens boards

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    Re: Zone VI Enlarger question - lens boards


    Here is the schematic for the 4x5 negative carrier. You only need to change the dimension for the actual film size (actual, not stated) to make any carrier you need. This one is set up to use the water jet to increase the opening from "4x5" to "5x7". The existing pins will be reset to maintain the film registration or we will make new ones.
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    Re: Zone VI Enlarger question - lens boards

    I have a first version Zone VI enlarger, one of the grids has packed in and where I live I have absolutely no chance of a repair therefore all the parts are for sale, I have three negative carriers 6x6, 35mm and 4x5, I also have four lensboards, 1 has a 39mm hole (no thread) 1 has a 39mm threaded flange fitted, 1 has a 50mm threaded flange fitted and 1 is sunk with a 39mm thread.

    I would let all this go for a modest price but the shipping from the Isle Of Man to the USA would be quite expensive, if anyone is interested in these or any other of the parts let me know and I will post or send some photos and provide more details.

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